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CORRECYCLING, Inc. NOW PAYS $0.08 per pound for: Computers | Servers | Laptops | Cell Phones | Telcom Equipment | Networking Equipment | Gaming Systems | Routers | Modems | All in One Computers without broken Screens. 

IT Asset Disposition graphic created by CORRecycling Grand Junction

It Asset Disposition

Protect your business, employees and client’s information by recycling electronics locally and safely. Even Copiers and any “Smart Device” has memory and proper Data Destruction is needed.
Hard drive and solid state memory for Data Destruction for business and health care.

Data Destruction

ITAD and ITAM are used by Information Technology managers to protect your data and the environment.
Business Computers and copiers for Recycle electronics company. Hard drive destruction

Protecting your Privacy and the Environment

CORRecycling, Inc. is In Grand Junction and can schedule a pick up at your business. Service area is from Vail Colorado to Moab Utah.

Protecting Data

Hard drives store many things, and the files are accessible even on broken machines. Proper recycling includes, Reuse, Reduce and Recycle and CORRecycling, Inc. will protect your company by destroying ALL data stored on ALL equipment with DOD Data destruction processes.

Certificates or Recycle

The team at CORRecycling, Inc. provide Certificates of Recycle and Certificates of Data Destruction for HIPAA, Insurance, client, and liability requirements.

Best Value for Business

Because time is money, let the team at CORRecycling professionally service your business. From Vail Colorado to Moab Utah we pick up all electronics for recycling and handle protecting and destroying the data on ALL equipment.

What percentage of your old information is safe? 80% of corporate laptops contain sensitive data...

Regardless of whether you are building a new multi-million-dollar data center or replacing an old desktop computer, you don’t want to gamble when it comes to accessibility to sensitive data.
Big Pile of laptops for safe recycling and data destruction
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Every day, outdated hardware, Licensed software, and copiers are left wallowing in a new technology’s proverbial digital dust.

Yesterday’s latest and greatest swiftly become obscure blips on a business’ IT radar. Incredible new technological discoveries, refinements, and innovations are constantly being birthed. These days, equipment kept out of financial necessity, the worry of lost data, or older integrations, might be preserved for any prolonged amount of time.

The technologies of the past do not magically descend into nothingness once they lose their usefulness in the workplace. Instead, as soon as outdated equipment is unable to provide your business value in an ever changing technological climate, it immediately embraces its new role of security risk. While it might be improbable that your business will constantly be at the cutting edge of daily technological revolutions, it is extremely likely that from time to time you will find the need to upgrade your assets. Regardless of whether you are building a new multi-million-dollar data center or replacing an old desktop computer, you do not want to gamble when it comes to accessibility to sensitive data. CORRecycling, Inc at 739 3rd Ave. Grand Junction Colorado 81501 minimizes data theft risk by adding another layer or data protection through their professional Electronics Recycling and IT asset disposition and data distruction services.

The value and importance of professional cyber security cannot be overstated. As you debate what additions to invest in and which pieces to replace in your business, keep in mind that rather than allowing phased out equipment to sit quietly, holding on to terabytes of your and your clients’ precious information, CORRecyling, Inc. is your ace in the hole. CORRecycling, Inc. gives you a powerful option that provides both information security and allows you to dispose of old equipment with confidence. IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is a facet of the modern business world which absolutely must not be ignored. CORRecycling, Inc. understands the importance of your sensitive data and the danger of not properly handling that data in a responsible way. That is why the CORRecycling, Inc.’s mantra is, “protecting your privacy and the environment.” Think HIPAA, responsible environmental protection and peace of mind for responsibly Recycling your electronics and office equipment.
As a leader in IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), CORRecycling, Inc. is diligently dedicated to guarding your business’ privacy. That is what ITAD offers IT teams and small businesses. However, what exactly is IT Asset Disposition? Matthew Haughn defines ITAD as, “the business built around disposing of obsolete or unwanted equipment in a safe and ecologically-responsible manner.” At CORRecycling, Inc. ITAD is a central part of the business services offered. You deserve to have the peace of mind which comes with knowing that your information is being professionally disposed of in environmentally conscious, secure, and efficient ways.

Fun image of Electronics waste business balance graphic with battery operated calculator. 

Haughn notes that the most successful businesses strive to achieve a balance between, “minimizing costs and maximizing recouping of losses.” Figuring out the most efficient way to get rid of old equipment is a key element of achieving such a balance and this is where CORRecycling shines. Haughn also brings attention to the fact that “Businesses have a heavy replacement cycle of IT equipment.” When your business has dated equipment that has seen better days the question of what to do with it becomes more immediately pressing. Should you recycle it? Can you resell it? Would it be cost effective to re-purpose it somehow? Or in the end do you just need to throw it away?


ITAD is a big part of the business services offered at CORRecycling, Inc. and an instant competitive advantage for your business as well. While there is a slew of ways to get rid the technology your business is phasing out, IT asset management expert Barb Rembiesa maintains points out that there are most definitely right and wrong ways for businesses to get rid of electronics. Her data shows that organizations need to, “re-examine disposal choices and look for options that boost the bottom line or at least assist with paying for compliant disposal of electronic devices…” Rembiesa also warns business owners that with regard to ITAD, its, “vital to remember the risk management implications.”

University of Mississippi Medical Center to pay $2.75 million HIPAA breach settlement.

The Office for Civil Rights said that UMMC was aware of security risks as far back as April 2005 but did not take appropriate action.

Privacy & Security By Bernie Monegain July 25, 2016 10:59 AM in Healthcare IT News

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At its core ITAD maintains three primary objectives which CORRecycling, Inc. leverages in your business’ favor. First, ITAD serves as a permanent and effective solution for the issues revolving around how to secure your business’ sensitive data on retired assets. Secondly, since the most efficient way to guard against data theft and leakage on retired assets is to secure it by thoroughly wiping data storage devices properly, CORRecycling, Inc uses thorough and proven methods for eradicating any and all stored information or physically shredding the drives. Third, since there is a myriad of fines and penalties for the improper disposal of electronics, ecologically friendly disposal is a key consideration for businesses. Laws can be complex and are subject to a variety of changes, but no business wants to be forced to pay exorbitant amounts for improperly trashing equipment. CORRecycling, Inc. provides an expert solution in the appropriate methods for Recycling ecologically-sensitive assets such as Computers, Laptops, Copiers, Printers, Office Equipment and E-Waste. Please contact CORRecycling, Inc today to service your ITAD and Electronics Recycling needs. (970) 644-5301
By: Szamor Williams

By: Szamor Williams

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Guess what. If you need a fast friendly and easy way to get rid of your old electronics (e-waste) this is the place to go. Closer and cheaper than the city ewaste facility.! Thanks again!


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