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“This is an ethically run company that is determined to help clean up this country, one recovered piece of recycling put to the proper use at a time, at a scale that defies imagination.”

Bruce Ferguson

CEO & Founder, Ferguson Humanitarian Foundation International

M-F 10 - 5:30 Sat 10  - 4

739 S. 3rd

Pick up Services.

Residential pricing below. Businesses Please call for quote. 

Inside Grand Junction City Limits.


Grand Junction City map showing service Area for e-Waste Pick up.

$1.50 per mile outside Grand Junction.

Businesses Please call for quote or put Business in the form. 

Price tag for Responsible Recycling cost $0.35 Cents per pound.


Responsible Recycling costs just .35 Cents per pound.

WE CAN NOT ACCEPT: Sealed or Compressed tanks, Smoke Detectors, Single Use Batteries. Refrigerators are additional $25.00 Due to Freon. Broken CRT Glass and LCD screen are an extra $10 per unit for safe handling.

Businesses Please call for quote or put Business in the form. 

Electronics Recycling Pick Up Form

Request for Recycling pickup.
  • Standard Pick up is $35.00 in Mesa County. $1.50 per mile is added for outside Mesa County.
  • If this is filled in we will call First at this Number.
  • What needs to be Picked up by CORRecycling, Inc.'s Staff?
  • Inside and stairs require special quotes - Please call 970 - 644 - 5301. Explain access and we will call to price before scheduling. City of Grand Junction Pick up just $35.00. $0.35 a pound is the standard Responsible Recycling fee. Protecting your data and the Environment Requires restrictions: There are Items CORRecycling, Inc. can not accept: Single Use Batteries, Smoke Detectors, sealed or compressed Tanks of any kind. Refrigerators are an additional fee of $25.00.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Google created ANIMATION of E-waste Recycling.

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