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pile of ewaste with CRT monitors and electronics.

Grand Junction is an absolutely stunning place in which to live. It boasts everything from five golf courses and multiple wineries to a college (Colorado Mesa University), the world’s largest flat top mountain (The Grand Mesa), and more outdoor recreation than you can shake a stick at (skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, road biking, go-karting, rafting, fishing, kayaking, hunting, four-wheeling and much more). It’s easy to see why people who live here are happy to call Grand Junction home.

Local E-waste Pickup and Drop Off Solutions

E-waste Recycling gets rid of old computer equipment

As a matter of fact, residents are so proud of Grand Junction’s unique beauty and natural wonders that they prioritize protecting them by volunteering to maintain public trails and tirelessly supporting local industry. Now, Grand Junction has one more way to preserve and protect the local area thanks to CORRecycling, Inc. CORRecycling, Inc. Electronics Recycling Center at 739 3rd Avenue Grand Junction Colorado 81501 is a business which provides local pick up and drop off e-cycling services subsequently helping to preserve the natural red rock landscape, the unique Western Colorado wildlife, and waterway ecosystems.

Computer Recycling Events

Text and data creating a recycling symbol for Western Colorado

Fundraising, environmental, Earthday, Business park or Corporate E Waste recycle events are a specialty of CORRecycling, Inc. of Grand Junction. For Non-Profits or banks CORRecycling handles all the details and Data Destruction. Recycled electronics pick up available from Aspen Colorado to Moab Utah.

We have known about the importance of recycling e-waste for some time. N. Nayab’s brighthub article, written back in 2011 plainly states that landfills are not the answer since, “toxic metals seep out and contaminate the soil and water, causing health problems and polluting the atmosphere.” This would adversely affect the ecosystems of the Gunnison and Colorado rivers which are very popular for fly-fishing, and watersports such as floating, jet-skiing, and rafting. It could in time also affect the health of some of the 200 plus lakes found on the Grand Mesa and a number of underground tributaries and well systems found around Grand Junction.

No visible e-waste in the Mesa County Landfill
incineration picture in Grand Junction

Nayab goes on to point out that incineration, the other common way to dispose of e-waste, produces “volatilized heavy metals that cause an even more significant public health hazard.” The Daily Sentinel, Grand Junction’s primary newspaper, wrote an article about the poor air quality that can be found in the valley during times of cold weather inversions. The newspaper stated that the quality can get comparably bad to Beijing or Salt Lake City while just above the inversion, Grand Junction’s air quality would be exceptionally clean. Consequently, CORRecycling, Inc. provides an added bonus of negating the need for incinerators thereby protecting the lungs of Grand Junction’s 58 thousand plus residents.

CORRecycling, Inc. not only protects the environment, and preserves Grand Junction resident’s respiratory health, but they also guard the privacy of Grand Junction’s businesses and locals by providing Data Destruction services. CORRecycling, Inc. wants to give everyone the opportunity and peace of mind that comes along with professional data destruction services and state on their website that their standards are “compliant with HIPAA and health care requirements. ITAD (information technology asset disposition) and ITAM (information technology asset management) compliance for Hospitals, Healthcare, finance, Manufacturing and small local business.” CORRecycling holds events for electronic recycling and gives back to Grand Junction’s community even more by handling all the detail minutia and data destruction for Non-profits and banks.

Large and small TVs are recycled at CORRecycling, Inc.


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{Guess what. If you need a fast friendly and easy way to get rid of your old electronics (e-waste) this is the place to go. Closer and cheaper than the city ewaste facility.! Thanks again!
CORRecycling Grand Junction
{This is an ethically run company that is determined to help clean up this country, one recovered piece of recycling put to the proper use at a time, at a scale that defies imagination.
Ferguson Humanitarian Foundation International Inc.
Bruce Ferguson
Ferguson Humanitarian Foundation International
{My Western Slope Electronic Waste Recycling Heroes-Ken Burns & Alexia Burns of CORRecycling. I had the pleasure of touring their Grand Junction facility after attending the Colorado Association For Recycling. They are doing amazing work creating local jobs and recycling all that hazardous e-waste correctly-they even recycle all their plastic wrap used during transportation! They handle the town of Carbondale’s E-waste and I wanted to see where it went and how it was handled after pick up from the town waste diversion events. I highly recommend them to anyone or any town wishing to handle their e-waste responsibly and locally. These two really care about the environment and their employees.
Julia Farwell
Julia Farwell

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