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Awesome Reuse


Awesome Reuse of E-Waste and Recycled Electronics, Re-Use E-Waste

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle – The core to all recycling including: TV recycling, Computer Recycling, E-Waste Recycling, Office Equipment Recycling

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Reuse of Electronic Recycled products as Art, Jewelry.

Even refurbishing and extending the life of TVs, Computers, Office equipment and appliances saves resources and energy.

“Recycling generally uses less energy than extracting and processing raw materials, so making new products from materials that have already been used (recycled materials) can save energy…” “Buy products made with recycled content.

End-of-Life Management

End-of-life management is what happens to our stuff after it has been used. How we manage our goods at the end of their current life can make a big difference in our environmental footprint.


Reuse, or using a product more than once, prevents the need to create the product from scratch, which saves resources and energy while also preventing pollution.


Recycling saves energy. Manufacturing goods from recycled materials typically requires less energy than producing goods from virgin materials. Quoted from :

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{Guess what. If you need a fast friendly and easy way to get rid of your old electronics (e-waste) this is the place to go. Closer and cheaper than the city ewaste facility.! Thanks again!
CORRecycling Grand Junction
{This is an ethically run company that is determined to help clean up this country, one recovered piece of recycling put to the proper use at a time, at a scale that defies imagination.
Ferguson Humanitarian Foundation International Inc.
Bruce Ferguson
Ferguson Humanitarian Foundation International
{My Western Slope Electronic Waste Recycling Heroes-Ken Burns & Alexia Burns of CORRecycling. I had the pleasure of touring their Grand Junction facility after attending the Colorado Association For Recycling. They are doing amazing work creating local jobs and recycling all that hazardous e-waste correctly-they even recycle all their plastic wrap used during transportation! They handle the town of Carbondale’s E-waste and I wanted to see where it went and how it was handled after pick up from the town waste diversion events. I highly recommend them to anyone or any town wishing to handle their e-waste responsibly and locally. These two really care about the environment and their employees.
Julia Farwell
Julia Farwell

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