Town of Norwood Municipal Electronics Recycling Event.

Event Recycling Fees
Televisions: 17” or Smaller $10.00, 18” to 26” $20.00, 27” to 31” $25.00, 32” or Larger $35.00, Oversized TV’s/ Projection/ Console $50.00 *Broken or Bare CRT tube TV’s add $10.00
LCD Monitors any Size $10.00
CRT Monitors any Size $15.00
Laptops, Microwaves $10.00
Small Desktop Printers, Fax & Scanner $5.00, Large/Laser Printers $15.00, Floor Standing Copier or Printer $50.00
Hard Drive Destruction $10.00 Per Hard Drive
Small Electronics $5.00 (portable devices, VCR/DVD, ect.), Large Electronics $10.00 (larger than a desktop printer)

Contact Us if you would like to have an Event in your town.

Call : 970-644-5301

Please provide your contact information & we will contact you with upcoming Ewaste Recycling events in western Colorado.

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