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CORRECYCLING, Inc. NOW PAYS $0.08 per pound for: Computers | Servers | Laptops | Cell Phones | Telcom Equipment | Networking Equipment | Gaming Systems | Routers | Modems | All in One Computers without broken Screens. 

Telluride and Mountain Village Electronic Waste Recycling Event

ECOACTION Partners is sponsoring an E-Waste Recycling Event for the towns of Telluride and Mountain Village. CORRecycling is excited to partner with ECOACTION Partners in order to bring you in town recycling for one day, so make sure to come and tell all your neighbors, too. This one day event will be held on Friday, October 20th from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and will be located in the CARHENGE Parking Lot at 3601 Mahoney Drive Telluride, Colorado 81435.


Print or get the .pdf for special event pricing: Event Recycling Fees

Event Recycling Fees

• 17” or Smaller $10.00
• 18” to 26” $20.00
• 27” to 31” $25.00
• 32” or Larger $35.00
• Oversized TV’s/ Projection/ Console $50.00
*Broken or Bare CRT tube TV’s add $10.00
LCD Monitors any Size $10.00
CRT Monitors any Size $15.00
Small Desktop Printers, Fax & Scanner $5.00
Laptops, Microwaves $10.00
Large/Laser Printers $15.00
Floor Standing Copier or Printer $50.00
Hard Drive Destruction $10.00 Per Hard Drive
Small Electronics $5.00 (portable devices, VCR/DVD, ect.)
Large Electronics $10.00 (larger than a desktop printer)

ECOACTION Partners is sponsoring an E-Waste Recycling Event



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Carhenge Parking Lot Telluride Colorado

Electronic Waste Recycling Day
Friday, October 20th 11am - 3pm
Carhenge Parking Lot in Telluride

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