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CORRECYCLING, Inc. NOW PAYS $0.08 per pound for: Computers | Servers | Laptops | Cell Phones | Telcom Equipment | Networking Equipment | Gaming Systems | Routers | Modems | All in One Computers without broken Screens. 

How can Recycled Electronics and E-waste be beautifully reused?

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle - The core to all recycling including: TV recycling, Computer Recycling, E-Waste Recycling, Office Equipment Recycling

Shiny copper! And you can kind of see how the resin magnifies and creates a neat optical effect near the edges.

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Busy, busy! I've got two more Maker Faires this month! I can't wait to visit Pittsburgh and Orlando ?

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I've been posting a lot of copper bracelets so I just had to share some colorful bracelets!

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Fun robots for everyone! Featuring my circuit board robot charm and art by @thevintagerobot

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What Electronics are recycled in Grand Junction at CORRecycling, Inc.

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Reuse of Electronic Recycled products as Art, Jewelry.

Even refurbishing and extending the life of TVs, Computers, Office equipment and appliances saves resources and energy.

“Recycling generally uses less energy than extracting and processing raw materials, so making new products from materials that have already been used (recycled materials) can save energy…” www.epa.gov   “Buy products made with recycled content.”

These Electronics below could all be Recycled at CORRecycling, Inc.

739 3rd Ave Grand Junction Colorado 81501

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Cell Phones Recycled to be art. Great e-waste Reuse.
Sculpture of a dog made from recycled Electronics. Great e-waste reuse example.
 Cat in recycled electronics. This is an awesome use of recycled computer for reuse.
Old Remotes that are recycled responsibly can become beautiful Jewelry.

End-of-Life Management

End-of-life management is what happens to our stuff after it has been used. How we manage our goods at the end of their current life can make a big difference in our environmental footprint.

• Reuse

Reuse, or using a product more than once, prevents the need to create the product from scratch, which saves resources and energy while also preventing pollution.

• Recycle

Recycling saves energy. Manufacturing goods from recycled materials typically requires less energy than producing goods from virgin materials.   Quoted from : https://www.epa.gov/


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