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CORRECYCLING, Inc. NOW PAYS $0.08 per pound for: Computers | Servers | Laptops | Cell Phones | Telcom Equipment | Networking Equipment | Gaming Systems | Routers | Modems | All in One Computers without broken Screens. 



CORRecycling, Inc.


Grand Junction electronics recycle center focused on protecting your Privacy and the Environment.

Data Destruction and hard drive shredding is a great way to protect your privacy with Electronics Recycling in Grand Junction



Business and Residential electronic recycle services to Protect your privacy.

Grand Junction Electronic Recycling Center provides a safe, responsible e-waste recycling solution.

Electronic recycling center located at 739 3rd Ave Grand Junction CO 81501.

CORRecycling, Inc. is your local e-waste recycler specializing in DOD data destruction.
Commercial electronic recycling provided for Grand Junction, Fruita, Rifle, Delta, Montrose,
Glenwood Spring, Aspen, Basalt, Vail and Moab Utah.
Data Destruction standards that are compliant with HIPAA and health care requirements.
ITAD (information technology asset disposition) and ITAM (information technology asset
management) compliance for Hospitals, Healthcare, finance, Manufacturing and small local business.
CORRecycling, Inc. provides electronic recycling certificates and data destruction certificates
to IT managers and CFOs. E-Waste recyclers of Colorado and Grand Junction local businesses
benefit from environmentally safe electronics recycling.
Small business electronics pick up available from Aspen Colorado to Moab Utah.
CORRecycling Inc, dedicated to Recycling Tvs and Computers.

Schedule a PickupHow to Recycle TVs and Computers


1. Know What to Protect

Before you can protect your data, you have to know when it’s collected, how it’s created, where it resides, and how it moves. This includes identifying hardcopy information as well as electronic data. Make sure you can account for every document and digital file that contains the following information:

  • Employee and client records
  • Trade secrets and proprietary information
  • Financial records
  • Marketing information

All information, no matter the format, is susceptible to disaster—and easy pickings for individuals with malicious intent.

2. Identify Risks and Your Tolerance Level

 Data protection begins with identifying the risks to your information as well as your tolerance for them. Your business has a unique risk profile based on the services it provides, the information it uses, and the privacy breach threats common to your industry. The Federal Trade Commission and Small Business Administration offer excellent tools for assessing your company’s unique data breach risk profile.

3. Post a Privacy Policy

Every company needs a privacy policy to let its customers know how their data is protected. Key provisions of your plan should include the type of data collected, how it’s used, and the steps taken to ensure collected information is not compromised. Your attorney can help you create a policy that meets legal and regulatory requirements.

4. Establish Backup and Recovery Processes

Solid backup and recovery processes allow for data to be quickly reproduced if stolen or destroyed. Backup and recovery strategies vary from business to business based on budget and resources. Cloud backup offers the perfect data protection solution for organizations with limited information technology resources. With cloud backup, your digital information is automatically backed up and uploaded to a secure data center for digital storage. Data encryption ensures secure transmission.

If backing up your information offline, be sure to invest in a media vaulting and rotation service to make sure your digital storage media is properly protected and preserved.

5. Train Your Employees

You already have the best form of data protection: your employees. They are your first line of defense. Keep them informed and prepared, and your information will be safe. Data protection training should include:

  • Phishing attack awareness
  • Creating strong passwords and changing them frequently
  • A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy
  • Procedures for securely accessing confidential data

If you’re serious about protecting your information, the eight steps we’ve mentioned here will help implement an effective data protection plan for your small business.

Richards & Richards provides data protection solutions for Nashville businesses. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

Thank you, Rickards & Richards for the great information: http://www.richardsandrichards.com/6-steps-to-complete-data-protection-for-your-small-business/

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Electronics Recycling Pick Up Form

  • Standard Pick up is $35.00 in Mesa County. $1.50 per mile is added for outside Mesa County.
  • If this is filled in we will call First at this Number.
  • What needs to be Picked up by CORRecycling, Inc.'s Staff?
  • Inside and stairs require special quotes - Please call 970 - 644 - 5301. Explain access and we will call to price before scheduling. City of Grand Junction Pick up just $35.00. $0.42 a pound is the standard Responsible Recycling fee. Protecting your data and the Environment Requires restrictions: There are Items CORRecycling, Inc. can not accept: Single Use Batteries, Smoke Detectors, sealed or compressed Tanks of any kind. Refrigerators are an additional fee of $25.00.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Guess what. If you need a fast friendly and easy way to get rid of your old electronics (e-waste) this is the place to go. Closer and cheaper than the city ewaste facility.! Thanks again!


We are open from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm Monday -Friday We would love to protect your Data and the Environment. Write us, we will reply within one business day. Feel free to Call us 970-644-5301

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