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CORRECYCLING, Inc. NOW PAYS $0.08 per pound for: Computers | Servers | Laptops | Cell Phones | Telcom Equipment | Networking Equipment | Gaming Systems | Routers | Modems | All in One Computers without broken Screens. 

Correcycling. Inc. Grand Junction's Electronics Recycling Center

There are Hundreds of electronic items we easily recycle in Grand Junction. From Huge TVs and Copiers to hair dryers and cell phones.

It is Easy to recycle electronics and e-waste.

CORRecycling, Inc. will pick up or you can drop off at 739 3rd Ave Grand Junction, CO 81501 or call Phone: 970-644-5301.

CORRecycling, Inc. in Grand Junction makes recycling electronics easy.

We make it easy for you to be responsible and protect your privacy and the earth. If you have unwanted electronics, we’ll dispose of them properly. We’re here to help!

Why do we need to recycle older electronics like TVs, computers, and cell phones? For many of us, disposal of electronics doesn’t come up that often, so maybe we think we’re not contributing that much to e-waste. Or, we have junk piling up somewhere in the house or office and we’re ignoring it for the time being. We have a drawer or small closet designated for these things until they get out of hand, or they’re scattered throughout the house and getting in the way.

Electronics are made with valuable resources and materials such as metals, plastics, and glass, and a lot of energy is needed to mine and manufacture these components. In fact, over 80% of the of energy use of a laptop or desktop computer goes into its manufacture—not its use.1 Recycling electronics conserves the earth’s natural resources and avoids air and water pollution as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

Many people would say 1) “I didn’t know there were facilities that recycle electronics”; 2) “It’s time-consuming” or “I don’t have the time”; and 3) “I didn’t really consider how much personal information might be found on computers or the need for data destruction.”

It’s simple. CORRecycling, Inc. is an electronic recycling center in Grand Junction Colorado. We do commercial, small business, Industrial and residential electronic recycling in the Grand Junction, Fruita, Rifle, Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Montrose and Vail Areas. We’ll recycle your old TV, copier, cell phone, monitor, smart device, and laptop. The only things we can not accept are smoke detectors with radioactive components and one time use batteries. Refrigerators and broken glass do incur an additional fee. Get in touch with us by email or phone (970-644-5301) and ask us some questions, or just drop your stuff off on your way to the dry cleaner at 739 3rd Ave Grand Junction CO 81501 8:30 am - 5:30 pm M-F. Or if you’re in a bind or just overwhelmed at work, we can come to you. We will pick up your e-waste if you’re anywhere between Vail, CO and Moab, UT.  

And what about security? There’s a difference between erasing information and destroying it according to governmental regulations. You can be assured that all of this sensitive information is wiped properly (Destroyed) before your e-waste is recycled and you will receive a Certificate of Recycle when needed as a release of liability. If you request data destruction, each hard drive or memory device will be removed and catalogued and your personal information will be destroyed and documented in a liability- and HIPAA-compliant Certificate of Destruction. CORRecycling, Inc. will run a Department of Defense-compliant data destruction sequence or physically shred your devices to protect your privacy and the privacy of your clients and customers.

So why should we recycle our old electronics? Properly recycling them ensures that chromium, beryllium, nickel, palladium, zinc, and brominated flame retardants and other earth damaging chemicals don’t pollute our environment. You help create local jobs when you use e-waste recycling companies that have an increased workload(1). Valuable materials and precious metals like gold and copper can be recovered from old electronics and used to make new ones.

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(1) Electronics Takeback Coalition. 2016. “Facts and Figures on e-Waste Recycling.”  http://www.electronicstakeback.com/wp-content/uploads/Facts_and_Figures_on_EWaste_and_Recycling1.pdf.


“The Core Recycling Center of Electronics in Grand Junction”


We are open from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm Monday -Friday We would love to protect your Data and the Environment. Write us, we will reply within one business day. Feel free to Call us 970-644-5301

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